Last 14 and 15 April in Prague was held the 4th International Tornado Speedsailing event. This exhibition is the largest sailing events in the Czech Republic, where over 10,000 participants sailed on the Vltava River between Zeleznicni and Palacky Bridge. This racing exhibition was also connected with a charity auction for the benefit of the civic association.

The event was divided into two races.
The first took place on Saturday morning and was called the BROKER BUSINESS REGATTA. Many yachtsman and representatives of large corporation, who have already achieved national championship medals, took place to this regatta. The winner was team BROKER CONSULTING 1 -David Krizek and Peter Hruby. The second crew drove team UNIQA – Zdenek Pavlis and Zbynek Vesely and third team CP INVEST – Ivan Ptacnik and Jan Forejt.

The second race is called PRAGUE SPEED CATANARAN REGATTA 2012 and took place in the sunny Saturday afternoon and the rainy Sunday morning. This lead to a Tornado sailing action with hulls out of the water and twin trapezing around the short course making the event very exciting and particular apealing for the crowd.
The overall winners were team UNIQA – Zdenek Pavlis and Jiri Pavlis (racing for PREFA Hubenov), the second team was BROKER CONSULTING 1 – David Krizek and Zdeněk Adam (competing for the CK Fischer) and the third team BROKER CONSULTING 2 – Jan Petrak and Frantisek Marek (racing ABACUS ELETRIC).

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