What to expect of slots in 2017?

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Changes are going to happen in what is called casino slots. Since 1891 when the first pull level version was created in San Francisco of the floor machine there has been a little advancement of its technology. The selection to include choice based games, sounds and flashing lights and the fact that they have been computerized does show some progress. The idea of a pull or push button game to earn and a certain amount of luck has not changed. A change, however, is about to happen in Atlantic City with a skill based game using video technology bringing the game into the modern era.

This should appeal to the new generation of gamers and comes at a time when since the 2008 market cash slots lost nearly $60bn in revenue. Slots are still popular and sites like Allgokkasten.nl can still be a very good profit investment being all about bringing in money. Being a real casino slot operator they will be moving away from the tradition and receiving the new.

The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement has decided to approve the new gaming idea and has released a new target for casinos to market. The new devices are not like the old slot machines we are used to and the newer ones are more like arcade or home ones instead. Some of the newer ones seem to lack a certain imagination, most are like pinball, Frogger, and Pac-man but this could be to get gamblers used to the new skill-based ones whilst still being familiar to them. There are more new games which should appeal to the coming of age crowd with more advanced graphic games like first person shooters and racing games being released.

Danger Arena a new game will appeal to people that are used to playing AAA games either on the Playstation or Xbox and will be able to understand and use the Danger Arena controller. The game is based on achievability in each level and the unique patented system created will mean that players bet on their ability to destroy robots with payout being how many enemies they can destroy in the time limit.

Race Ace a game that looks similar to Mario Kart with the same sort of graphics is a skill game that can be played at home using your tv screen and would still look good. It is a clever use of players engaging in a skill and chance system by using a slot style and you have to complete a two lap race to get the bonus and achieve your goals.

Both of the games Danger Arena and Race Ace have shown imagination and advancement of technology. Tomb Raider type video games are being reviewed has had potential. The 10bn gaming industry in the States may soon be into a new electronic gambling era. Once the earning potential has been realized by casinos then it is hoped that different types of the games industry will be developed. There is a huge following from the under 35 age group in the gaming industry and this should appeal to those that already have a passion for the games.

With the more traditional games like Centipede and Frogger released which were played by millions for a high score a few decades ago, it should be interesting to see how developers have approached them. The impact of how betting will affect and the skill that players need will have an impact on the type of form that games for the future will take.

Finding a slot strategy that works

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An age old question that 99% of internet gamblers have probably asked themselves,(I know I have) is, “How do I beat this machine.” I’ll be perfectly honest with you, I don’t like wasting time OR money. If you’re willing to listen, I can show you how to make this work for you, instead of just aimlessly mashing on the slot machines, ad ending up fussing until your next check. (I know that feels horrible)


In 1891, before out generation was even born, a company called Sittman and Pitt came out with an off the wall invention. Based out of Brooklyn, New York, Sittman and Putt wanted ideally to make a machine that would compete with modern methods of gambling. Well, apparently it was meant to be because this nifty machine was the slot machine’s “calm before the storm”. The original model held 5 drums, and 50 card faces, and was closely related to poker.

Naturally, this invention took off with flying colors. Before you could even bat an eyelash, there were at least 2 or 3 of them in just about every hot spot in Manhattan. The player would drop in a nickel, pull a lever, and spin for a win. Apparently, there was no way for the machine to pay out at first, so the lucky winner would get a beer, a free burger you know, maybe a shot. You could get a Royal Flush on these, and they were super popular.

libertyThe first slot machine as we know it came out in 1887, thanks to Charles (August) Fey, and had a payout of $5.00. The first slot machine was called the liberty bell, and because of all the ways to win on the poker based machine, it was hard to make a machine that could pay out to all those combinations, because the technology just wasn’t that advanced yet.

Now, here are some helpful tips to help you master the game. These tips are universal across eons time, and people who don’t know this, often suffer their whole lives, or until they get it beat out of them by hardships. The fist thing you have to learn is online casino budgeting. This is very serious, because honestly, without your cake, you’re up a creek. Don’t EVER spent everything you have. Winners can wait their turn, and they know the machine will work them, it’s just the nature of the beast. We hate to lose, and have a range of other emotions that will play on us, especially towards the end of our stack, and when in lieu of possibly running out of money, but play it smart and don’t even get in that position.


1. Don’t EVER spent everything you have. Winners can wait their turn, and they know the machine will work them, it’s just the nature of the beast. We hate to lose, and have a range of other emotions that will play on us, especially towards the end of our stack, and when in lieu of possibly running out of money, but play it smart and don’t even get in that position. Set a pace, and think about what you’re working with.

2. Set a limit, and don’t budge an inch when you reach it. That way, you can spread your jack out over a couple of nights, and honestly, these machines ar made nowadays, there is absolute, NO to cheating them, there’s just not. (Avoid people that sell books and such to cheat a slot machine, because these millionaires nowadays have engineers, scientists, you get the picture.) Anyway, you can’t PUSH a win anyway, so there’s no point in not just being cool, methodical, and patient.

3. Do your best to avoid slots with 4 or more reels, until you get your cheddar up. When your cash is ok, then hit those. It’s like this… More chances to win = More chance to lose.

4. Don’t get caught up. Always look through your “mind on your money” glasses. If you go be the credits, you can get lost in the moment, and you won’t feel the sting until you’re pouting and feel like you know what. 🙂 (I’ve been there)

5. There are several websites where you can get statistics for payouts as high as 80% at some online casinos, and if you get this info, go to the ones with the highest payout. (DUH!)

Best of luck! Win something for me!

Mr. Cash Back and Coat of Arms Slots

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Today I’ll continue my narration about the latest online slots. This spring sees a real rush of new online slots, but I tend to trust well-known games so I often give preference to new version of already existing slots. To start with, I want to say a few words about a just-released casino game

Mr. Cash Back

And the first thing I want to say is that this is the first online slot, I haven’t found any info about, but for the date of its release. Some casino guides state that it was released on April, the 6th. No info about the provider or the casino networks where you can play it is available, as well as the description of the slot game itself. I promise to publish a thorough review of this casino game, as soon it’s introduced in any online casino.

Coat of Arms


Coat of Arms will become your top slot if you like mysterious and thrilling games. It’s a medieval slot with a lot of imagination-conquering personages.

Coat of Arms has a standard configuration – 5 reels and 25 paylines. It was released by RTG and is one of the numerous online slots released this spring.


Main symbols:
the Black Knight – the wild symbol
• the White Knight – the scatter symbol
• the Bonus Crown a symbol which can substitute any other on the payline
• the Golden Shield gives you a chance to have 15 free spins

In general, the rules of this slot are similar to those of the other casino slots of the kind. The wild symbols doubles your winning, the principle of action of scatter and other symbols are standard. An interesting feature of this game is that it has an extra games feature which gives you an opportunity to have more free spins.